May 21, 2014

Foy Vance – Created to Create

About 2 weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting a musical hero of mine, Mr. Foy Vance. It was rather unexpected. My wife and I had just left a Needtobreathe @ the Wiltern , and he was sitting outside a cafe drinking some ale. I knew he was in the vicinity, because he was the show opener, I just didn’t expect to actually meet him.

His jilted Irish accent was super warm and inviting, and we spoke casually about the tour and songwriting. It is ultra inspiring to me that he has no method to his madness. He simply loves to sit down at the piano and write songs. No formula, no agenda, just the love of simple musical creation.


I walked away from our conversation that night with simple, but stunning revelation. We are called to create. God put it in our hearts to create. Whether it’s songs, or houses, computer software, or jet engines. We must create. We are called to be like our creator. My friend Saba is always telling me that we are called to create value by what we offer and bring to the table in our communities. When we try to make the best thing, to dress everything up and make it sexy before we offer it to the world then we rarely offer anything at all. Foy Vance wasn’t setting out to get all of his songs on Grey’s Anatomy, or become the acclaimed songwriter he is. He was just creating because it was in his heart to. It was a joy for him to compose songs. Let’s all create something out of our joy and passion. Imagine if Edison, or the Wright Bros had stopped trying for fear of failure. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t be scared of what others might think. Put yourself out there. God has created you to add value. He c

reated you to create.

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